What's in the Kit? 


1. SPST (Single Pole Single Throw) Switch

This switch is used to turn the speaker on and off. The switch is used to 'break' the circuit and prevent the battery from draining. The battery is wired to the switch which is wired to the components which consume energy when the circuit is complete in this case, the Amplifier, voltmeter and LED Control Panel. 

2. Voltmeter

The Voltmeter is used to indicate the voltage of the Battery. This indicates whether the battery is 'full' or 'low'. A Full battery would read near 12 to 12.5 volts and a low battery would read 9.6 - 10 volts. 

3. Ground Loop Isolator

As the speaker uses both Bluetooth and Aux Input, both of the audio signal cables are wired together as they are receiving the same audio signal. However, as both ground cables are joined, a 'buzzing' noise occurs when bluetooth is being used. In order to eliminate this 'buzzing' noise, a ground loop isolator is used to 'isolate' the ground cables from one another. 

4. DC Power Socket

The DC Power socket is used to conveniently connect the battery to an external power source so the battery can be charged. Without the DC socket, we would have to remove the battery from the enclosure to charge it. The socket is designed for plugs which measure 2.5mm x 5.5mm.

5. Screw Terminal

The screw terminal will be the central point, where the 'positive' cables and the 'ground' cables are connected. This makes it easier to join wires together, and add / remove components if required. 

6. 5 amp Fuse

A Fuse is used to protect the components and wiring in case of a surge in electrical current, usually caused by a 'short-circuit'. The fuse is designed to break the circuit if more than 5 amps of current flows through it, preventing fires and damage to more expensive components. 

7. 50 Cal Ammo Box

AMPLFY uses 50 Cal. Ammo Boxes used previously by the Australian Defence Force. As such all Ammo boxes are the same size, however vary in their condition and what they had been used for. The Decal on the Box tells a story about its past. (We will be releasing an update about how to read your ammo box) 

8. Ta2024 Amplifier

AMPLFY uses only Class D, Tripath Amplifiers as they are highly efficient and do not drain too much battery, making it perfect for portable speakers. The Amplifier gives out 20 watts of power. 

9. Lithium-Ion Battery

AMPLFY uses high quality recycled 18650 Lithium batteries. These batteries are sourced from old laptops and go through rigorous testing process before they are able to be used, usually taking a couple of months. Buying these batteries brand new would cost hundreds of dollars. Each battery is rated around 9 - 10 amp hours. The battery life should be about 30 hours, depending on the volume you listen to the speaker.  

10. 12 volt 1 Amp DC Charger

The 12 volt charger is used to charge the battery. It will charge the battery up to the amount of volts given out by the Charger, usually 12 to 12.1 volts. The plug measures 2.5mm x 5.5mm and fits directly into the DC Power Socket. 

11. LED Control Panel

The LED control panel has a number of capabilities, but primarily acts as the computer for the amplifier. It supports Bluetooth 3.0, AUX input, Micro-SD Card input, USB Input, FM radio & remote control. The LED Control Panel acts as the medium by which the Amplifier will receive the audio signals. 

12. Remote Control  

The Remote control sends a signal to the LED Control panel and can primarily control volume, play/pause and song choice. In order for it to work, you must point it directly at the LED Control Panel. 

13. 4" Co-axial Speakers. 

These Co-axial speakers are designed to receive approximately 15 watts RMS power. The larger woofer plays the low frequency sounds (bass) and the middle tweeter controls the high frequency sounds (treble). 

Note: For kits purchased after 1st of October 2017 no longer included in the kit is the part number 3 (Ground Loop Isolator).