The speaker enclosure material or the baffle can have a dramatic effect on the sound quality of a speaker. A metal enclosure can have a terrible impact on the quality of sound. As the speaker woofer moves back and fourth it generates sound pressure within the enclosure, it also vibrates through its frame. The speaker enclosure, can either dampen the resonant frequencies, so it is inaudible, or it can ring like a bell. In order to eliminate these unwanted sounds, insulate the enclosure with a material that damps out unwanted extraneous energy, and vibration. MDF wood is a terrific material for a speaker enclosure, as it doesn't 'ring' when struck. It is best to insulate every panel of the enclosure. 


Front & Back Panel = 270mm  x  165mm

Bottom Panel = 140mm  x  265mm 

Side Panels = 140mm  x  165mm


  1. Thoroughly clean the Ammo Can Enclosure. 
  2. Glue and Clamp down the MDF wood to each panel of the Ammo Can Enclosure. 

Tools & Materials: 

  1. 3mm MDF Wood
  2. Glue (Can either use Gorilla Glue, Contact Cement or any adhesive that will work well) 
  3. Clamps


Note: In the first picture a piece of MDF wood has not been glued to the back of the box. This is because, this particular speaker was being built to house a Solar Panel. As the Solar Panels are too big to fit externally on the Ammo Box, they are folded in half so that they can fit inside the Ammo Box. Therefore, a piece of MDF wood was glued to the back of the Box with a gap of 10 mm allowing the Solar Panel to fit inside the Box. If you are not planning on using a Solar Panel or can think of an alternative method to mount the panel, it is advised to insulate the back of the box with some sort of sound dampening material. 

Alternatives to MDF wood. 

The box can also be lined with adhesive sound deadening material, or Spray on anti-vibration and sound deadening paint.