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Want to build your own Personal Bluetooth Speaker?

Music will never sound as great, as it does coming from the speaker you built with your own two hands! We will provide the kit and the instructions, so that you can learn how to build the world’s most unique portable speaker at a fraction of the cost.

The AMPLFY Ruby Kit is an incredibly powerful DIY portable speaker, encased in genuine ex-army 50. Cal ammunition cases and is comprised of new and up-cycled components.

Despite its unique look, the robust design means you can use it almost anywhere; whether you want to take it to the beach, work, camping or just for use around home. Each speaker features an incredibly powerful 12v battery, which will outperform and outlast almost all commercially sold portable Bluetooth speakers on the market. 


Battery Capacity:
Solar Panel:
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What's Included in the Kit: 

  1. Switch

  2. Voltmeter

  3. Ground Loop Isolator

  4. DC Socket

  5. Screw Terminal

  6. Fuse

  7. 50 Cal. Ammunition Case (All Ammunition Boxes are up-cycled from the Australian Military, and may show slight signs of rust)

  8. 20 Watt TA2024 Amplifier

  9. 11.1 Volt Lithium-Ion Battery 9Ah (30 - 40 hours)

  10. DC Charger 1 amp 12volt

  11. Control Panel & Remote Control (Remote Control 1 - 2 metres)

  12. 2 x 4" 15 Watt RMS Coaxial Speakers

Note: All kits now include nuts, bolts and crimp terminals. 

Speakers Feature:

  • 2 x 4” 15 Watt RMS Co-axial Speakers.

  • Highly Efficient TA2024 Tri-path Amplifier rated at 20 Watts.

  • Pre-made and pre-assembled, hand-made high quality lithium-ion battery packs rated at 11.1 Volts. The Voltmeter is used as a Battery Indicator.

  • 12 Volt DC 1 Amp Charger

  • Bluetooth 3.0 (10 Meters)

  • Micro SD Card input

  • USB Input

  • 3.5mm AUX input.

  • Infrared Remote Control

Upgrades / Add ons: Optional

  • Telescopic FM Radio Antenna - This will provide a stronger reception to pick up radio signals.

  • Phone Charger - Includes a 12v lighter socket and a 1A phone charger, suitable for all iPhones and androids.

  • 18 Ah Battery - This will double the battery life from 30 - 40 hours to 60 - 80 hours.

Dimensions & Weight:

  • 30cm x 16.5cm x 19.5cm (LxWxH)

  • 4.5 Kilograms

Tools and Equipment Required:

  • MDF Wood or some sort of insulation material (If Pre-Cut box will already be lined).

  • Glue

  • Wire Strippers

  • Screw Driver (Flat Head & Phillips)

  • Drill and Jigsaw (If Pre-Cut this will not be necessary)

  • Soldering Iron is optional - can be wired together with crimps.

 Note: If you do not already have these tools and equipment, all of them can be purchased from your local hardware store. 

Skills Needed:

  • Basic power tool skills are required to cut out the holes in the AMMO boxes. If you do not have the tools necessary, select the pre-cut Ammunition case at the top of the page. It will cost an additional $20 to cut it out.

  • Basic understanding electronics is helpful although not necessary. Videos and instructions are provided at each step to guide you through the process.


The Speaker is catered towards the DIY'er who loves to tinker. The speaker is not as simple as assembling IKEA furniture and will require some thought. It is designed to increase you're knowledge of audio equipment and electronics. Depending on your skill level the speaker should take anywhere between 3 to 12 hours to build. The difficulty rating for this particular kit is easy to medium. 


Email and phone support will be provided whenever necessary to ensure that each kit sold ends up in a fully functional portable speaker. 


As our speakers are sold as DIY kits, upgrading and replacing parts has never been so easy. All of the components are relatively interchangeable, which means upgrading the Amplifier or Speakers is very simple to do.