Mount the Following Components to the Ammo Box Enclosure: 

  1. Voltmeter (pop in)
  2. LED Control Panel (Screw in)
  3. Switch (Screw in)
  4. Battery (Mount with Double Sided Tape) 
  5. Ground Loop Isolator (Hot Glue)
  6. DC Power Socket (Screw In)
  7. Screw Terminal. (Mount with Hot Glue) 

Add ons: 

  1. Mount the Phone Charger 

Note: The Amplifier will be mounted later during the wiring process or it can be mounted temporarily with Velcro or a similar removable adhesive. 


Mounting Components into Pre-cut Box.

All of the speaker holes were drilled for an M4 nut and bolt, whereas the LED Bluetooth Control Panel holes were drilled for an M3 (Slightly smaller) nut and bolt.