Process for cutting the Ammo Box with a Jigsaw

  1. Firmly clamp down the Ammo Box to ensure it does not move whilst you are cutting it. 
  2. Drill a pilot hole for each of the holes you will be cutting with a Jigsaw. 
  3. Cut out the holes with a Jigsaw.
  4. Place in Components (but do not permanently mount) to test the size of the hole.
  5. Stencil where the appropriate holes for the Screws 
  6. Drill out screw holes. 

Note: Use a sharp Jigsaw blade, which is used to cut metal. This will ensure the edges are nice and smooth and the Jigsaw does not jerk the Ammo Box, which can be quite dangerous. It is also better to insulate the inside of the Ammo Box with MDF wood, this makes the Box more sturdy and much more pleasant to cut with a Jigsaw. It will rattle less, and won't be as loud to cut. 

Tip: When drilling a hole in the ammo box - To prevent the box from bending, place a piece of wood below where you will be cutting and drill through the Metal into the wood. (See the Photo Below).

As not everyone will have access to a workbench, a sturdy and weighty pallet can be a good alternative as you can clamp the Ammo Box to it in multiple place. 

Alternative Cutting Methods: 

  1. Electric Nibbler
  2. Hand Nibbler (takes a good deal of elbow grease) 
  3. CNC Routing Machine 
  4. Hole Saw - for Speakers holes only (May need a drill press)
  5. Fly Cutter - for Speakers holes only 

Safety Equipment: You must wear the following safety equipment when cutting out the holes

  • Protective Eye Glasses
  • Ear Buds / Ear Muffs
  • Dust Mask

The Video Below Demonstrates the Cutting Process using a Jigsaw and a Drill.