Solar Powered

Adding a Solar Panel to your Speaker. 

In this post, I will discuss how to mount a small Solar Panel to the box, which can be used to provide power to the speaker whilst the sun is shining. Alternatively, you can hide the solar panel inside the box, or keep it some where separately. 

All of our speakers use a large 8 - 10 Ah Battery. The Ah refers to the capacity of the battery, with regards to how many amps per hour the battery can drain before it is fully depleted.

All of our speakers are designed using a highly efficient Tripath amplifier which consumes a very small amount of current. This makes them perfect for portable speaker applications. Our speakers drain at a rate of about 100 mA on high volume. In a perfect world, theoretically the battery should last for 80 hours (8,000 mA / 100 mA). However, considering all things, we can assume the battery is working at about 80% efficiency, which will reduce this number. 

The Solar Panel will be perfect for your speaker in situations where you have drained the battery completely. The Solar Panel should be able to charge the battery at 200 mA, twice the current needed to power the speakers. If you were to rely solely on the Solar Panel to charge a Flat battery it would take roughly 40 hours in direct sunlight. Whereas the charger we have supplied will charge the speaker in roughly 8 hours. 




brad clair