1. Turn on the Speaker
  2. Press 'MODE' until 'BLUE' appears on the LED screen.
  3. On your device, search for bluetooth devices until 'LL-BT' or 'DOL-100' or 'AMPLFY Beats' appears.
  4. Connect with device. Once connected the speaker will beep. 


Your speaker will have both a Master and a Control Panel volume. The Master volume will set the maximum output volume of the speaker. To adjust the master volume, adjust the knob on the Amplifier located inside the Ammo Box enclosure. To adjust the external Control Panel volume, hold down either the 'VOL-' or 'VOL+' buttons; numbers ranging from 0 - 32 will appear on the LED Screen (If you tap the button, the track will change). 

Tuning the Radio: 

  1. Turn on the speaker 
  2. Press 'MODE' until a radio station frequency appears on the LED screen. 
  3. Plug in an 'AUX' Cable into the 'AUX' port on the Control Panel; this will act as an antenna, or use the Antenna on the Speaker (if supplied).
  4. Hold down the 'PLAY/PAUSE' button on the Control Panel. The speaker will automatically tune into all of the radio stations it can pick up. 

If the speaker does not pick up the station you want, go to another location ideally outdoors with minimal obstructions and go through the process again. By holding up the AUX cable during the scanning process, you may be able to get a better signal. 


AMPLFY uses an 11.1 volt battery. The Volt Meter on the side of the speaker indicates the voltage of the battery. A fully charged battery will read between 12 and 12.6 volts, whereas a low battery will read between 9.6 and 10 volts. The battery voltage will deplete faster as the battery voltage decreases.