We are Social Enterprise, based in Logan, which creates unique, one-of-a-kind portable Bluetooth Speakers, whilst having a positive impact on the environment and our society.

Our Story.

From birth, AMPLFY was created as a force for good, it’s engrained into our DNA and involved in every aspect of our business, not to the detriment of quality audio and design, but to its betterment.

AMPLFY was born out of the necessity to do things differently.

The portable Bluetooth speaker industry is currently one of the most saturated and overly competitive market places in the world…

What's the result? 

  • Mass Manufactured Portable Speakers, assembled by workers performing monotonous tasks and earning less than a living wage.

  • A wide range of portable speakers, that look the same, sound the same, and offer no benefit to society, and will ultimately end up as land fill.

Our mission?

To do the opposite…

One of a Kind:

We want to create one-of-a-kind speakers, in which every speaker has a story. Each speaker is encased in Genuine Ex-military Surplus Ammo boxes, and sourced from the Australian Army.

Environmentally Friendly:

All of our speakers are comprised of high quality up-cycled electronics and components that would otherwise end up in landfill. This means hi-fi audio at a fraction of the cost.

What’s more as all of our speakers are sold as a DIY kit, if for whatever reason parts get damaged, they can easily be replaced or upgraded by following the instructions on our website. We are creating a portable speaker, which is truly designed to last a lifetime.

Socially Conscious:

Building portable speakers is fun, the first time you hear music coming from something you built with your own two hands is a very proud moment. We want to share our knowledge, with anyone who wants to learn.

That’s why we enlist the help of volunteers, people with disabilities and people who are seeking employment to learn how to build the speakers.

Not only are we teaching the fundamentals of electronics, but we are also teaching people to hack and recycle electronic waste, which is one of our undervalued resources.

Hi-fi Quality audio and design.

In order to achieve the best quality audio design, we have enlisted the help several engineers, with up to 20 years experience in electrical engineering.

All of our speakers meet the Australian Regulatory Standards and are deemed to be electrically safe for use.



Bradley Clair


31 Mary Street, Kingston 4114 QLD